Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 11

When you played make-believe, what did you pretend?
My brother and I would play horse, we would have leather straps hooked on our bib overalls.  The one in front would be the horse, the one behind the driver.  I liked to be the driver because I could outrun the horse.

The "horse" (Elroy) and "driver" (Glen/Grandpa) - at least, I assume it's Elroy he could outrun, not Delbert.

If you could return to your childhood, what would you do differently?
If I could return to my childhood I would do my best to please them and obey them more.

Is there anything you would do differently as a teenager?
As a teenager the thing I would do differently would be to run around with more girls than I did.  Of course I did have some girl friends.

Did you ever write something that you were really proud of?
Yes I am really proud of something I wrote and that is when I wrote to you.  Kerri I hope that you understand what I mean.  Like writing letters to you.

What is the best book you ever read as a child?
I enjoyed detective books.  My favorite books were the "Hardy Boys" books.

What is the biggest physical problem you had to deal with?
I had an appendectomy when I was a teenager.

Where were your best hide-and-seek places?
The best hide-and-seek places would be behind a large bush, or behind a tree, or around some dark corner of the house.  Sometimes we played in the barn and hid in the hay.

Tell about the first time you were ever behind the wheel of a car.
The first time I can remember was when my Dad was teaching me to drive.  I took too wide a turn when I turned a corner and my Dad corrected me.

Did you ever take anything that wasn't yours?
I can't remember if I took anything that wasn't mine, at least not on purpose.

What did you do with it?  Did you get caught?
I didn't take anything, so I didn't get caught.

Do you have a story about a big surprise?
One day my Dad came home from town, he had bought a bright yellow coaster wagon for me and my two brothers and sister to play with.  Our friends and us really had a great time with it.  That yellow wagon was a surprise to me.

What childhood fear do you remember?
At night time if there was some kind of noise outside and I didn't know what it was, I was afraid.  Then my Dad and Mom would comfort me, and then everything was O.K.

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