Thursday, May 27, 2010

pics i forgot about last time

Whoops - I left out one very special friend, cousin, actually, of Chester's - here is Nelson the beagle at his first Christmas:

Doesn't he look ridiculous - I mean, cute?  Nelson and Chester's favorite way to play was for Nelson to run in circles around the house and Chester to sit on his butt and make a grab at Nelson whenever he flashed by.  Nelson is sadly no longer with us, and we miss his sweetness and playfullness.

Speaking of ridiculous but cute, he's some more of Chester (you can never have too many):

Doesn't Santa look like he could sit there and do that all day?  Except for the Santa hat and a blue sweater from "Grandma," I swear I have never dressed up my dogs.  Eww.  (Nelson's parents didn't usually, either.)

Moving on - this pic can be added to my "awkward pictures" collection - the woman missing her head is my mother.  If I had left her head on, I would soon be missing my head.  We're wearing our new Christmas sweatshirts.  That someone made for us.  Shut up.

And, in the little brother category:

Nothing wrong at all with this picture, until you know our Easter tradition.  The little kids would stay in the house and NOT peek while the bigger kids and adults hid the eggs in Grandma and Grandpa B's yard.  But before the little kids could come out, Brad, who qualified as a big kid, would go around stealing all the eggs, thereby causing mass chaos and tears on the part of the precious little ones.  I might be misremembering this part of the tradition.

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