Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 23

If you have another childhood picture for me, put it here.

(Grandpa at 7 years old)

Do you have a Pearl Harbor Day memory?
Yes, I well remember the Pearl Harbor Day.  I was driving my car in Wichita, Ks. and a paper man was in the street telling about the bombing and selling papers.

Tell about your favorite store to browse in as a child.
As a child I liked to browse in a store called Woolworth.  A 5 & 10 cent store.  And in those days a child could get something good for 10 cents.

What did you like to look at there?
I mostly liked to look at tools and I still have one thing that I bought at the 10 cent store.  It is a small crowbar.

Tell about something you built, designed, or made as a youth.
I had a piece of board 6 inches wide and 3 feet long and made a cut out in the end of the board and put a rubber band and a small piece of wood for a paddle in the cut out and wound the piece of wood in the rubber band and put it in a stock water tank and it moved like a boat in the tank.  Pretty good HUH.

Were you ever in a church or school Christmas or Holiday program?
I was in a Sunday School program in our church for Christmas.

When did you put up your Christmas tree?
I would put up our tree before Christmas.  That was my duty when I was a teenager.

How did you get your Christmas trees?
I would cut a big branch off one of our evergreen trees.  It made a good tree.  Then we would decorate it.

How did you decorate your trees?
We would hang ornaments on it.  In the country we didn't have electricity but it was nice and pretty without lights.

Did you hang a Christmas stocking?
As a rule we didn't hang Christmas stocking(s).  One year my sister hung 4 stockings up for decoration.  It was for fun.

Did your Grandpa or Grandma ever make gifts for you?  What?
No my Grandpa or Grandma never made gifts for me.  My Grandpa died when I was just a baby.  But I got to enjoy my Grandma for several years.

Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your Mom.
The neatest present that I can remember that I gave my mom was a kitchen scale, to weigh different ingredients for baking.

Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your Dad.
The neatest present that I remember that I gave my Dad was a small plastic parrot bird that sat in a small plastic ring.  We hung it in the back window of our car, and when we would drive the bird would swing back and forth.

Tell about the best Christmas present you ever received.
The best Christmas present that I got when I was a child was a small hen that would lay eggs.  It was a toy.  I would put eggs, it was really marbles, under her beak and peck down on the head.  Then a spring would release the marbles and the "eggs" would come out.  I had a lot of fun with it.

Tell about the worst Christmas present you ever received.
I can't tell about the worst Christmas present I received because all the presents were nice and my folks meant for us to have the best when they bought things for us.

Tell about your experiences with Santa Claus.
As a child our neighbor man dressed up like a Santa Claus and came over to our house.  Our dog didn't like it when he came over, so he barked and carried on a lot.

Did your family go to a special church service at Christmas?  Tell about it.
Yes our family went to a special church service.  It was early in the morning on Christmas Day at 5:00 a.m.  It was a highlight for our family.  Then we had a Sunday School program in the evening.

When did you open your presents?
We always opened our presents on Christmas eve.

Tell about Holiday celebrations at a relative's house.
Our Holiday celebrations were at my cousin's house.  We always had meals there and visited in the afternoon.

Do you remember a "best" Christmas?
As far as a "best" Christmas, to me all Christmases were the "best."

Share any other Christmas memory.
Other Christmas memories are when we 4 "kids" got married and had our own families.  We would go home to our folks for Christmas.

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