Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 6

Who was your first girlfriend?
Louise was my first girlfriend.  She and I went to grade school and Sunday school together.

Tell about the Valentine's Day festivities at your school.
My country school had from 15 to 20 students.  Each student gave everyone a valentine.  That way I got from 15 to 20 valentines.

Tell about a special valentine you once gave.
I can't remember any special valentine I gave.  I'm sure that there was one at one time tho'.

Tell about a special valentine you once received.
The special valentine I received was in (the) shape of a beehive.  The wording on it was, "Honey Bee My Valentine."

Tell about your first date.
I don't remember my first date exactly, but there were different girls I had dates with.

Tell about your first kiss.
About my first kiss, well that is private.  "Oh boy."

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