Sunday, May 30, 2010

it's all a matter of perspective

Isn't this a lovely pastoral scene?  Long, native Kansas grasses, rustic shed and trees in the actually happens to be my back yard.  The truth is, I really don't want to mow it.  I like it.  And look at the pretty white flowers at the top of the "weeds."  I never would have been able to enjoy them if I'd kept the yard mowed.

And then there's this advantage:

The long grasses by the corner of the porch down there mean the dogs don't even have to hop down from the porch to pee.  They love that.  :/

But there are disadvantages.  The dogs and I rarely go into the yard now because it's harder to walk, almost impossible to play, and there's the itty-bitty issue of the dogs being so short they can't see where they are or where they're going.  "Mama?!  Help!"  Plus, there's some type of weed in there that is just plain scary - looked like a dark green, foot-wide tarantula when the lawn was short, and now that they're 4 feet tall I swear they're going to come after me.  "Feed me, Seymour...."

So I guess I will mow it (the scythe's being sharpened now).  I'll miss the beauty of the longer grasses, and I hate mowing just because everybody else does and the general population thinks it looks better and I can get in even more trouble with the city if I don't mow it.  Perhaps I'll leave the part behind the shed long.  Perhaps I'll move to the country.

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  1. Stick a sign in that says "Native Kansas Grassland" and see if you can get curator funding.