Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 4

Relate an experience or memory of a cousin.
I remember my cousin because he and I visited together and talked about different subjects.  My cousin Marvin lived in Poplar, Wis. and he would visit us where we lived on a farm near Essex, Iowa.

Did your mother work outside the home?
No, my mother did not work outside the home.
Great-grandma did teach school before Grandpa was born, though.  She's in the middle of the picture below, holding the pump handle.

What did you and your brothers or sisters fight about the most?
I can't think of any major thing that we fought about.  I suppose the normal fuss between brothers and sisters.

What was the dumbest stunt ever pulled by you and a brother or sister?
We were shooting firecrackers on the 4th of July.  My sister threw a lit firecracker and it went in my pocket.  My leg got burned real bad after the firecracker blew up.  I really jumped around.

Tell about the worst winter storm that you can remember as a child.
On Jan. 2, 1936 the snow storm was very bad.  Roads drifted shut so could not use cars.  Used horses and bobsled.  Had to use field instead of roads, to get to town for food supplies.  The storm lasted from 2 to 3 3 to 4 weeks.

What did you use to go sledding down a hill in the snow?
We used sleds to (go) down a hill.  Some sleds were named American Flyers.  They were store bought.  We also had a homemade wood sled.

What extras did you use for your snowman's face, buttons, arms, hat, etc?
I can't think of anything that I used extra when building a snowman.

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