Saturday, May 15, 2010

you know...

You know you've gone to McDonald's too often when the employees from the drive-thru recognize you in Wal-Mart and say hello.

You know you're loved when your dog greets you enthusiastically at the door when you get home.
You know you need a reality check when your dog stays in the kitchen with the first load of groceries and doesn't even notice you left to get the 2nd load.

You know you're getting older when store clerks and other strangers start calling you "ma'am."
You know you're old when you realize you no longer notice when people call you ma'am.

You know you need to mow the lawn when you walk through your back yard and the grass tickles your armpits.

You know you're a terrible sister when you shop for a belated birthday card for your brother and see all the belated cards you've sent him before.

You know your dog is spoiled when he doesn't bother to get off your bed to poop.

You know you've gone too far with the laid-back approach to life when you get pulled over by a cop for an expired tag sticker that you'd completely forgotten about and then, when he asked for your insurance card, realized that was expired too.  On the bright side, you get to experience something new - going to court.

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