Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 13

Describe the military experience of someone in your family.
I had an uncle and a cousin that took training and were involved in World War One.

Share a memory involving a war during your childhood or youth.
When I was a youth I can remember during World War II when Germany was bombing England, in the 1939's and 1940's.

Share another memory involving a war during childhood or youth.
During my childhood I remember my parents talking about World War I which started in 1913 to 1917.

Tell about your graduation exercises or traditions.
My graduation exercises from the 8th grade were held in Clarinda, Iowa about the first part of June.  With students from all of Page County.  There were approximately 145 students.  I graduated June 1, 1931.  I still have my 8th grade graduation picture.

Describe a very proud moment in your childhood.
The proud moment of my childhood was when I got my first pair of long pants to wear to Sunday School and Church.

Tell about Memorial Day traditions during your youth.
Because we lived in the country we didn't attend any Memorial Day traditions, there might have been some things that were done in the town of Shen. to honor Memorial Day.  I am sure that the War Veterans also honored the day.

Share a special memory of Memorial Day.
The special memory I have of Memorial Day was that my folks always went to the cemetery to put flowers on my Grandpa's and Grandma's graves.

Tell of the closest friend you had during your childhood.
During my childhood we moved to a farm in an area called High Prairie.  There was a family that lived on a farm close by and they had a boy about my age and we were close friends.

Is there anything you have now that you have kept from your childhood?
There is one thing that I have and it is a 24-inch folding ruler.  I also have a 6-inch pipe level wrench.

Do you have any good bathtime stories?
I suppose that my folks did tell us bathtime stories but I don't remember any.  When I was in my childhood we didn't have indoor plumbing so I had to take a bath in a washtub.

Unknown naked Anderson in washtub.  Grandpa thinks it's Elroy.

Tell about a strange person that lived in your town.
This man's name was Little Charlie Olson (Lilla Kalle Swedish name), he would walk on the road by our place in the country.  He sold books for a living.  He was a strange looking person with book packs on his back, a very honest and friendly person.

What was the funniest name or nickname in your town?
I didn't live in the town of Essex but I knew a girl who lived in Essex whose name was Eleanor and her nickname was Eenie.

Did you ever sleep under the stars?
When I was a youth, two fellows beside me, were on our way home from the harvest fields in Minn(esota), we stopped at a grassy spot by the side of the road and slept under the stars, until a train came by on a track.  We didn't realize the track was there.  That really woke us up.

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