Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 14

Tell about a hot dog or marshmallow roasting.
Yes we had hot dog and marshmallow roasting parties.  One time I remember when my folks had a surprise hot dog and marshmallow roast on my oldest brother's 18th or 19th birthday.  A number of his friends were there.

Did you ever go on a camp out?  Tell about it.
When I was a youth I don't recall of ever camping out.  As a family we had picnics and outings together.  We did not have a tent or camping equipment.

What food did you learn to cook or prepare first as a youth?
As a youth the first thing I learned to cook was corn pudding.

Share a horse-riding story.
The riding horse we had was skittish.  One snow(y) afternoon I rode her to see my brother on another farm, the snow had melted some in spots and she seen the brown dirt spot and she was a little afraid of the brown spot.

What was your first job?
The first job I had was working for a neighbor on his farm.  He didn't have a tractor, so the farm implements were pulled by horses.

How much did you get paid?
The pay scale for farm work when I was a youth was 50 cents a day, at the end of a 6-day week I got the sum of $3.00.  I sure thought I had a lot of money.

Tell about any other paying jobs you held as a youth.
As a youth I didn't have any other paying job except farm work.

(From Grandpa's scrapbook - "But we do grow CORN")

Were you ever chased by some animal?
On my Dad's farm we had sort of a mean cow and one day she chased me and I ran to a gate in the yard and got on the other side of it, so then I was safe.

Tell a memory about a parade.
I remember when the circus came to the town of Shen.  There was a parade on the main street of Shen.  It was interesting for a country boy like me to see a parade, with different wild animals in cages.

Share a childhood memory about a death that affected you.
When I was 11 years old I had an uncle that passed away.  I went to the funeral with my folks.  It was the first funeral I went to and it affected me in a sad way.

Relate your happiest memory as a youth.
The happiest memory as a youth was in 1929 when my Dad traded our old 1924 Model T Ford car for a new 1929 Ford Model A car.  The 1929 Model A Ford car was a much improved car over the Model T.

How did you learn to swim?
I learned to swim by myself.  I would practice and work at it.  My trouble was that I worked at it very hard and that tired me out very fast, then after a few strokes I would have to stop and rest a while.  After a while tho' I done pretty good.

Where did you go swimming?
We went swimming in the public pool in the town of Red Oak, Iowa.  That is where I went swimming when I was a youth.

Tell a favorite memory of your father.
The favorite memory of my father was that he spent much time and played with myself and my two brothers and my sister.

Tell about some good advice your father gave you.
My father's advice was giving more by action than words.  We would always be in church early as he was Sunday School Supt. and he wanted to get things ready before S.S. started.

Did your father ever make a special gift for you?
A special gift my father made for me was a bow to shoot arrows with.  It was made out of a hedge branch.

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