Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 12

What were May Baskets made of and what did they contain?
We made May Baskets out of heavy paper and in them we put small flowers, candy, cookies and such.

How much do you remember paying for an ice cream cone?
I remember paying 5 cents for an ice cream cone, in my childhood an ice cream cone was a big treat.

Did you ever have a treehouse?
No I didn't have a treehouse, but I would climb a tall tree, and when the wind blew I would sway back and forth.  I really enjoyed that.  I would like to do it again at 79 years old.

Were you ever bitten by a dog?
I went to work on a farm for a family that had a large dog, as he didn't know me he bit me on the leg.

Did your mother ever make a special gift for you?
I can't think of a special gift, but I am sure that she made things for me.

Tell a favorite memory of your mother.
My favorite memory of my mother would be that she would read interesting stories and also Bible stories.  We had a weekly paper that were for children.  My mother would read me stories from it.  The paper was called (WHAT TO DO).

Tell about some good advice your mother gave you.
The good advice my mother gave to me was to be courteous to my friends, both girls and boys.

Relate your family Mother's Day traditions.
In my childhood I don't remember observing Mother's Day traditions.

Do you remember any childhood songs or rhymes?
In my childhood I remember the song Jesus Loves Me.  I also remember nursery rhymes.  I can still quote some nursery rhymes.

Name some popular hit songs from your youth.
In my youth we didn't have a radio at our home in the country so I didn't hear any hit songs.

What was your favorite singing group or band?
I didn't have any favorite singing group or band that sang or played hit songs.  I did have a favorite men's quartet in our church that sang spiritual songs.

Tell a favorite singer and a song that he/she sang.
I didn't have a favorite hit song singer, but my mother was my favorite singer.  She sang He the Pearly Gates Will Open in Swedish.

What kind of dances did you do as a youth?
I didn't dance when I was a youth and I still don't.  And Kerri you would laugh if you saw your 78-year-old Grandpa dance wouldn't you.

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