Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 15

Did you have a special nature place where you went to explore?
No I didn't have a special nature place that I went to explore, but in our grade school, in early spring the teacher would take the kids in school to a woods close to the school and look for wildflowers.

Did you ever go skinny-dipping?
Yes I did once, in a small creek about a couple of miles from my home.

Did you ever make mud pies?
I don't remember if I ever made mud pies.

Did you go barefoot in the summer?
No I didn't go barefoot in the summertime.

If so, relate an experience about stepping on something.
I have no experience of stepping on anything.

Tell about a bike you had.
As I lived in the country and the country roads were dirt, I didn't own a bike.  It would be hard to ride a bike on dirt roads.

Tell about your first very own car.
The first car that I owned was a 1929 Model A Ford.  I paid $110.00 dollars for it.  When I got home with it I borrowed $1.00 from my brother so I could put some more gas in it.  I was very proud of it.

Did you ever have or make a swing?
Yes I had a swing when I was in my childhood.  It was under a big cottonwood tree.  I and my brothers and sister really enjoyed it.

Tell about something you thought was very beautiful.
The thing that I thought was very beautiful was a rainbow.  If I remember right, I saw a triple rainbow one time.

Describe an outside game you made up.
I don't remember if I made an outside game, but I did have a miniature golf course, that I fixed in our barnyard.  It was real nice and a friend of mine played on it, and he really liked it.  I still have one of the golf clubs now.  It is a hedge stick, sort of shaped like a club.

Describe an inside game you made up.
I didn't make this game up, but the inside game we played was a person would think of some item or color of something in a room and describe it, then the other person would try and guess what it was.

What kind of fireworks did people have when you were a youth?
When I was a youth we had all kinds of fireworks, there were torpedoes, 1/2-inch long to 4-inch long firecrackers, cherry bombs, sparklers, roman candles, sky rockets, spin wheels, also we had caps for cap guns.   I still have my cap gun.

Tell about Independence Day traditions of your childhood.
During my childhood the 4th of July or I.D. was a great day.  We always had a Sunday School picnic on our church lawn at noon.  Had lemonade and ice cream also which was a treat to us kids.  In the afternoon we had a S.S. program, at night we had our fireworks at home or at a friend's place.  A great day always.

Do you have a special July 4th that you remember most?
The special 4th of July that I remember most was when I lived in Wichita, the year 1941.  We got the 4th of July off from work at Beech, and a friend of mine and I drove home to my folks in Essex, Iowa to spend the 4th.  My friend's folks lived around Essex also.

Did you ever go to carnivals or amusement parks?  Where?
Yes I have gone to a carnival.  It was in Shen. Iowa.  When I was a youth a group of young people from our church went to a Young People's Bible Camp, one evening after services a bunch of us went to an amusement park, it was called Arnolak Park.  It was in northern Iowa.  That week was a great summer outing.

What kind of rides and games were there?  How much did they cost?
There were different kinds of rides and games, but I rode only one and that was the roller coaster.  That was the first time I rode one and it was quite a thrill.  I didn't play any games.  The cost I don't remember as it was when I was a youth.

Tell about any State Fair or County Fair experiences.
The experience I had a a county fair in Clarinda, Iowa was when my oldest brother, my Dad and I were there.  I spent some money on a spinning wheel, when it stopped on a certain number I got a cheap tin whistle.  My brother told my Dad that I gambled.  Boy was I ever afraid.  But my Dad didn't punish me.

Tell about going to a circus.
When I was a youth, I and a friend of mine went to a circus in Shen. Iowa.  It was a Tom Mix Circus.  Tom Mix was a well-known cowboy star in my day.

Tell any favorite summertime memory.
The favorite summertime memory is that I would play with our dog Jack.

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