Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 7

Tell about your first favorite TV shows.
When I was growing up there was no TV.

Tell about family reunions in your childhood.
There was one family reunion that I can remember.  It was very enjoyable.  We also had picnics with family and friends.

What do you remember as your favorite subject in school?
I had no favorite subject in school.  Many subjects were hard for me.

What do you remember as your least favorite school subject?
My least favorite subject was math.

What is the biggest problem you remember having in grade school?
I was sort of a shy guy when I was in grade school.  That was my biggest problem.

What is the biggest problem you remember having in junior high school?
I never went to jr. high school.  I only went thru the 8th grade.  First grade thru 8th grade were in the country school.

What is the biggest problem you remember having in senior high school?
I did not go to sr. high school.  I stayed home and worked on the farm.  School was hard for me so I didn't go after I graduated from 8th grade.  I was too fright(ened) to go to jr. or sr. high school.  My father called me "Sun" son.

Describe a place you liked to go to be alone.
When I wanted to be alone I would spend time in our garage.  I liked to be around cars and tractors.  We had 1 car and 1 tractor.  Also I would spend time laying on the running board of our Model A Ford and think of different things.

Tell of a place that you discovered or built as a "haven" for your gang.
We lived in the country so I didn't have a "haven" for a gang.

Tell about the best pet you ever had.
The best pet that I had was a dog.  His name was "Jack."

Tell about other pets you had.
The other pets I had were cats.  My family used to talk about Glendon and his cats.  One cat would follow me as I walked around the yard.

Tell about being in a school play or program.
In our grade school we had the annual Christmas program.  All pupils had different songs and pieces.

Tell about a school principal you remember.
In our grade school we didn't have a principal.  Our teacher was in charge of the school.

Did you ever pretend to be sick as an excuse to stay home from school?
No I never did pretend to be sick to stay home from school.  The last 3 years, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, I never missed a day, nor was ever tardy.

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