Sunday, May 23, 2010

directionally-challenged blonde moments

One recent early morning, I was driving north to my parents' house and looked to my left and saw the sun.  It looked like a pale, flat disc, like it does on hazy mornings.  "Hmm,"  I thought, "I didn't realize the sun was this high this early in the morning."  I blissfully kept on driving, la la la la la, then looked at the sun about 10 minutes later and realized it was lower than it had been before.  "Wait, it looks lower...."  Then a sneaking suspicion hit me, and I turned my head back over my right shoulder, to the EAST, and saw the sun - the REAL sun - rising.  Fortunately I am smart enough that I realized I'd been looking at the moon.

Yesterday after visiting with a friend in McPherson (who gave me excellent directions to the coffee place that included NO confusing words like "north", "south", etc, just "left" and "right") I headed out of town, knowing I just needed to follow her directions in reverse.  So once again I am blissfully driving when I realize I'm seeing shops I don't remember seeing when I drove in.  Usually, that's normal for me (and a whole separate issue), but I checked the street signs and realized that instead of heading, er, some direction or other on Kansas St., I was heading, er, perpendicular to that direction on Main St.  So I turned around, drove back to Kansas St., reconnoitered, and, fortunately, turned in the proper direction.  Once I was on I-135 I double-checked and found the sun, the REAL sun, setting to my right, which meant I was heading...south, which was the right - I mean correct - way to go.

People think I'm joking when I say my special ed. and/or early elem. ed. students have better spatial skills than I do.  I AM NOT JOKING.  now how do I get out of this page...

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