Sunday, May 16, 2010

blonde moments - 1

Okay, hold on - all the blondes I know happen to be smart, but I like the title - deal with it!  Anyway, now that I'm mostly gray, I sort of qualify.

What I said to a clerk when I set off a store's sensor/metal detector and the alarm started beeping:  "Ooh!  What did I win?"  (Yes, I was serious.)

What I said when I took my car to the mechanic because the steering wheel was shaking:
Him:  "So you have a shimmy?"
Me:  "No, a Toyota."

What I said when a friend handed me a tightly-rolled $100 bill he'd found on the ground at a gas station:  "What's all this white powder on it?"

What I said to my neighbor, who works for Roto Rooter, when he came over to see why a RR van was in my driveway:  "Hi Bob - I wondered if you'd be working today. Wanna' come in and unclog my pipes?"

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