Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 10

Make up a limerick about yourself.
I met a gal from New York,
that said I should use a fork,
to dig up the weeds,
that grew from the seeds,
from the bottle I forgot to cork.

Make up a limerick about me.
At Kerri's I'm not able
to watch my show on cable,
so I cannot see
how Lucy will be,
all wrapped up in her sable.

Relate a favorite spring memory.
In the spring my folks would hang the parlor rugs on the clotheslines, and we would beat them with rug beaters or sticks to get all the winter dust out.

Share a memory of going to church as you were growing up.
My memory of going to church was going to Sunday School and morning service, then for evening service.  Also young people's meetings, when I got older.

Share a memory about a church social activity.
The young people of the church had social activities once a month.  There was singing and reading.  After the services there was refreshments and visiting among the young people.

Tell about an Easter egg hunt.
I don't remember having Easter egg hunts while I was growing up.

If your family went to Easter sunrise services, tell about it.
The young people of the Covenant churches of Shen., Red Oak, Stanton, Essex, and Fremont (in the country) held Easter sunrise services on a hill by the Fremont church.

Tell about any other Easter tradition.
As a child our church held a program in the evening with singing, and the children said verses from the Bible.  At the end of the program we all got a large orange.  That was a big treat.  This program was held on Easter Sunday evening.

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