Sunday, May 16, 2010

just plain klutzy moments

Some friends and I entered a movie once after it had started.  It was very dark in the theater, and we hurried to sit down and get out of everyone's way.  I followed my friends down a row with empty seats at the end and sat down when I saw them sit.  I miscalculated, however, and to my great surprise (and probably his), I sat smack down in a man's lap.  "Well hello there!"

And there's the time I entered a school with a large, heavy bag on my back, and the school door closed faster than I expected.  It caught the bag but I kept moving forward and was jerked backward, one leg still in the air for the next step, arms flying straight out in front of me like a marionette.

Loved the time I dropped a bag full of small, plastic animals I'd bought for my niece and had to crawl around the parking lot to retrieve them - including sticking my rear up and my arm out as far as they would go to get one that had rolled under my car.

And the time I got stuck crawling into my car from the passenger side because I couldn't get the driver's side door open.

And the time I was carrying something sort of expensive and navigated over a curb and pothole beautifully and thought, "I'm as graceful as a ballerina!" then immediately tripped.

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