Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebration of a life - part 17

Tell a memory about riding on a ferry, bus, train, or plane.
I rode on a ferry in the year of 1935 when I, Delbert and three boys were on a trip and we crossed the Missouri River on the Brownsville Ferry at Brownsville, Neb.

Share another memory about a ride.
The first train ride I had was from Essex, Iowa to Shenandoah, Iowa, it was the distance of five miles, was I ever thrilled.  My older sister was with me.  I was 6 or 7 years old then.

Describe your childhood home and neighborhood.
My childhood home was a wood frame house in the country.  A big yard to play in.  The neighborhood was nice, with many children to play with.

Do you have a good piece of advice for me?
The piece of advice I have for you Kerri, is to stand up for your Christian belief.

Tell of an experience climbing a mountain or hill.
When I was in my first grade school from 1st thru 5th on our way to school there was a big hill called Bucks Hill.  It was extra steep and hard to walk up, it was extra hard when it was muddy.  But it was fun going down in the winter on a sled.

Tell a memory about having company at your house, or of a family party.
On Sunday afternoons it was common to have company, people would come to visit and then have coffee and goodies.

Tell about board games you played as a child.
The board games we played when I was a child were checkers, carrom, spinner games.

Tell about card games you played.
The card game we played was called Old Maid.

Did you ever have a weight problem as a youth?
No I didn't have a weight problem when I was a youth, I could eat and eat and didn't gain weight because I was very active and full of energy.

What was your best talent?
As far as musical talent I had none, but a couple of other talents I used were using tools for carpenter work and also tools to work on machinery.  When I was growing up I used to make small gadgets.

(August 10)  Tell about a time when you got lost.
I don't remember of a time that I got lost.
Today was my 79 birthday.

Did you ever play in the sprinkler or hose?
No I never did play in a hose or sprinkler.  In the summertime we would make boats of pieces of wood and play with them in the livestock watering tank.

Did you have any favorite family songs that you sang together?
I don't remember of any favorite family songs we sang together, but I do remember my Mother playing hymns on the old pump organ.

Tell about your bedroom.
When I was growing up I didn't have a bedroom of my own.  My two brothers and I shared a bedroom.  I had the single bed and my brothers had a double bed.

Share a memory of staying overnight with a friend.
When I was in the 6th or 7th grade I stayed overnight with a schoolmate of mine.

Do you remember being really curious about something?
Yes I remember once when I was really curious about something.  My sister made a dish for our supper meal, and she wouldn't tell me what it was.  Then at supper time she served it to us, it was a nice custard pudding.  I was around 10 years old then.

Share your childhood experiences with roller skates.
My childhood experiences with roller skates was when we borrowed a pair of roller skates from a friend, and I roller skated a lot on our farm home cement sidewalk.

Did you ever experience home sickness?
One afternoon I went to visit my cousin and his wife.  I was to stay overnight, then at supper time I began to cry as I didn't want to stay overnight, then they brought me home, that's when I experienced home sickness.  I might have been 7 or 8 years old then.

Share an early experience with shaving.
What I remember my early experience with shaving was my Dad bought me a safety razor (not electric).  I done quite well with my first time at shaving.  At least I think I did.

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